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Why Do You Need an Air Scrubber This Season?

Air Scrubber

You need an air scrubber to purify your home, especially during the flu and cold season. When you’re sick and stuck in your house, bacteria tend to build up and contaminate the surfaces and air in your home. The Air Scrubber system substantially reduces odors, visible smoke, and microbial population on surfaces. It uses an ActivePure technology to remove and neutralize contaminants in your air.

No one wants to clean a house when they’re not feeling well, so letting an Air Scrubber do the work for you is your best bet for an all-around cleaner and healthier atmosphere.

What Is an Air Scrubber?

Air Scrubber Installed

The Air Scrubber is an inline or portable air purification system that is used in your home to purify the air. The system rids your air of particles, gasses, and other chemicals in the air in your home. Having our team at Level 9 Heating and Cooling install an Air Scrubber can help you keep peace of mind that the air in your home is clean.

The Air Scrubber contains metal tubes on the inside that charge negative ions to destroy any pollutants moving through your HVAC system or other areas of your home. The pipes within the Air Scrubber are shaped in a honeycomb style and covered with a special coating.

The air scrubber cleans the air in your home through a two-step process. First, the air travels through the honeycomb system and passes by a UV light that kills most airborne contagions. Then negative ions are created and released to clean your home’s air.

After the negative ions are released, they combat the positive ions like bacteria, pollen, and other allergens. When the atoms link together, a larger and heavier particle is neutralizing the contaminate and causing it to no longer be airborne. This process will rid you of the contaminants in your home.

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An air scrubber will significantly improve your air quality during the cold and flu season. Let the device do the work for you.

Our team has the perfect discount for you this season. Air Scrubber installation is $950 until March 31, 2020. Check out the discount on our specials page or contact our team by filling out a contact form or calling us at 636-202-2900.

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