Why Do I Need to Consider a Higher Efficiency System?


There are many benefits to consider when determining whether you should do an upgrade to your current heating and cooling system. The average life expectancy of a heating and cooling system is 15 to 20 years. However, as your system becomes older and service repairs are more frequent and expensive, evaluating the timeline for replacing becomes more cost effective.

SEER Ratios

SEER or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio measures the efficiency of your system. When looking at the SEER ratios, the higher the ratio the more efficient your system. Units installed before 1992 were usually an 8 SEER, and units between 1992 and 2002 were typically 10 SEER. Today, depending on what zone you live, 13 SEER is the minimum available by Federal law (14 SEER for heat pumps).

Going Above the Minimum SEER Ratio

These are the reasons why you should consider installing or upgrading your heating and cooling system to an efficiency ratio above these minimums:

  • Incentives & Rebates— Many local utilities offer rebates for higher efficiency systems; a lot of the time the incentives cover the incremental cost of the higher efficiency systems. Also, manufacturers offer rebates and incentives for systems 16 SEER and above, along with 95% AFUE Gas Furnaces. Your professional heating and cooling contractor should be able to review these options with you, or you can also find what is available to you by going to www.dsireusa.org.
  • Lower Utility Costs— If you had an old 8 SEER system, and you replaces it with a new 16 SEER system, you could save up to 50% on your utility bill as it relates to your heating and cooling costs. Newer high efficiency systems translate into lower operating costs.
  • Humidity Control— Higher efficiency systems not only keep your temperature at a lower cost, but also can effectively control your humidity levels in the home. Modulating speeds (variable speed motors) run longer in lower speeds and pressures, which can provide better moisture removal. Remember, bigger is not better. If your air conditioning system is too big, it can adjust the temperature quickly, but does not allow for adequate humidity control (moisture removal). Plus, these systems can cost you more to operate, and you are not as comfortable.
  • Environmental— Higher efficiency systems consume less energy and leave a smaller environmental footprint. Fewer fossil fuels are used and the environment remains clean while you save money!

High efficiency systems offer immediate benefits, such as lower costs, more comfort, cleaner environment, new warranty, and reduced service costs. Your quality contractor should be able to review the benefits and savings for the many alternatives and options available.

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