The Department of Energy has the authority to develop minimum efficiency standards and can establish Regional Standards as a component of these regulatory changes. The northern states will be impacted by the changes that the DOE sets forth. In fact, the number of heating hours is more than doubled the cooling hours in this region.

Because of these standards, we recommend that you migrate your system to the 90%-efficient furnaces. These furnaces are labeled as a “condensing furnaces”. However, before you jump in and purchase a new condensing furnace, there are several items to consider before you replace your non-condensing furnace with the condensing type.

You should consider the following and how it may impact you:

1. Equipment Space Constraints –
Can the new furnace fit in the old one’s spot? How big is the new furnace going to be?

2. Exhaust Venting Requirements –
What all do you need to have to make the new one work? What’s the cost comparison?

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