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Whole House Humidifier Versus Portable Humidifiers

Whole Home Dehumidifier

I was walking through Target the other day and noticed a variety of portable humidifiers on the aisle. I am asking myself, how many people buy the portable humidifiers? In fact, how many people buy multiple portable humidifiers? In checking around, the quantity of these items sold in retail and big box stores was amazing.

Humidifiers are great. For portable humidifiers to get the same effect as a whole house model, you would have to have one positioned in every room. This would be much more expensive than having a whole house model. In order to maintain portable models, you have to constantly monitor them for water levels, and fill them routinely. And your maintenance becomes more with each unit. The easier and least costly alternative is the whole house version.

First, most every home needs a whole house humidifier. Today’s newer homes are tight, and when you're heating your home the result is drier air. Dry homes causes itchy skin and annoying “static”. However, what homeowners do not know is that dry air can be unhealthy and cause damage to your home. Viruses can flourish in low humidity conditions. Your mucous membrane dries out and can lead to a greater propensity of getting colds, or flu.

Your home suffers also. When air is not properly humidified it can cause wood furnishings, floors, and walls to separate. Musical instruments, such as a piano, can be damaged and become out of tune.

There is also one more advantage to a whole house humidifier – lower energy cost. If you maintain higher humidity in your home, it feels warmer. Thus, you can set your thermostat back a few degrees and save money without sacrificing comfort.

There are many manufacturers, types, and sizes of whole house humidifiers. Your professional heating and cooling contractor can assist you in selecting the right one for you. We prefer Aprilaire models, and have had good success with their performance in our customer’s homes. Our recommendation is to be more comfortable and healthy by installing a whole house model.

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