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You Can Save Money Upgrading Your Ac Systems

Air Conditioning Replacement

Many people wait until they are in need of a major repair before considering the option to upgrade their heating and cooling system. It is important to remember that when the age of the HVAC equipment in your home is over 10 years and the warranty period has expired; the option for replacing the system should be considered along with the repair alternative.

Incentives on AC Upgrades

Many local utilities are incentivizing their customers to upgrade their systems early in order to save energy and manage their energy usage better. A poorly maintained system will cost you more money to operate and continue to cost you expensive repairs, especially if the efficiency of the system is 10SEER or below. For more information on efficiency ratings check out the Department of Energy.

Ameren of Missouri Rebates

The rebates and incentives that some local utilities are extending to customers can be in excess of $1800. For example in the Ameren of Missouri coverage area these rebates are available along with an efficiency analysis that will determine your system efficiency. The higher efficient systems can save you service costs and lower utility bills. When you consider the increasing cost of utilities and the long term savings on your energy costs, the upgrading of your heating and cooling system can be the better choice. Especially when you will also be getting a new extended warranty, and a reduction in service costs.

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