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Furnace Maintenance

You expect your heating system to deliver reliable and consistent comfort season after season, handling air quality while operating quietly and safely. The price to meet or even exceed your expectations is minimal. At Level 9 Heating & Cooling, we improve comfort, extend the life of your system, keep repair costs low, or even non-existent, and energy savings high. Don’t wait to schedule a tune-up. A clean, lubricated, carefully inspected furnace is your best defense against the low, cold St. Louis winter.

Heating & Furnace Maintenance Benefits

Your heating system can last as long as twenty years if regularly maintained by trained professionals. An annual inspection is critical to ensuring a well-functioning, durable furnace. Even a minor problem in the combustion process can pose health and safety hazards. Improperly operating gas/oil connections or faulty burner operation can pump deadly carbon monoxide and/or formaldehyde into your home. Call Level 9 Heating & Cooling, and our certified technicians will perform a complete safety check, cleaning, tuning and troubleshooting to ensure proper operation.

If your heating equipment is under manufacturer’s warranty, it is especially important to schedule annual maintenance. Most manufacturers stipulate that coverage is dependent on regular service. Level 9 Heating & Cooling fulfills the obligation of warranty protection, installs Factory Authorized Parts whenever possible, and has high standards of excellence. Our technicians are background checked, drug screened and fully licensed and insured.

In some cases when preventative maintenance does not occur it can lead to costly furnace repairs or even furnace replacement. Our team offers both of these services for homeowners in St. Louis.

Keep Your Air Clean with Heating Service in St. Louis, MO | Heating System Maintenance

In a typical six-room house, up to 40lbs of dust is created annually through regular living. Dirty duct systems may conceal contaminants that trigger serious problems for people with respiratory conditions and allergies. Dirt, mold, mildew, pollen and even rotting animals can be concealed within ductwork. When debris is allowed to build up inside ductwork, it creates a barrier against airflow from the furnace’s air handler. This causes the furnace to work harder and results in components wearing out faster. Regular, professional duct cleaning from Level 9 Heating & Cooling will help prevent repairs and increased energy costs, as well as leading to cleaner indoor air quality.

The most common reason for heater repair is human error. Inadequate maintenance leads to nothing but problems. Through annual service, Level 9 Heating & Cooling can uncover small problems before they become big problems, and make sure your furnace is ready for winter. You don’t want to be stuck shivering, waiting for a replacement part on December 25th. Call us today at 636-251-6936 or contact us online to schedule your furnace maintenance. We work on all makes and models, and we’re always available to answer your heating and cooling needs!